Candidates should fulfil the following essential criteria:

Specific requirements of the MSCA programme:

– Have less than 4 years research experience (Early Stage Researcher) at the signature of the contract (measured from the time the Master’s degree has been obtained).
– Not have a PhD yet.
– Not have resided or carried out main activity in the host country for more than 12 months in the last 3 years immediately prior to the reference recruitment date.

Specific requirements:

– A good BSc, Diploma and/or a Master Degree in Biosciences, Ecology, Genetics or a related discipline.
– Excellent command of the English language (spoken and written / proficiency level).
– Eligibility according to EU regulations

For more details on individual projects and how to apply, click on each one of the Fellow links (ESR1-8).

Project 1: Development & Application Of Novel Methods For The early Detection Of Freshwater & Marine Invaders


1. Development of molecular methods (metabarcoding, eDNA) for early detection of a range of freshwater and marine invasive species, including some of the world’s worst aquatic invaders (Table 1)
2. Development of a smartphone app (AquaInvaders) for the early detection of AIS using volunteers as part of a citizen science programme
3. Laboratory and field calibration of molecular methods in a range of freshwater and marine systems in the UK, Spain and Italy
4. Recommendations and guidelines for the use of molecular methods and citizen science in the early detection of aquatic invasive species in freshwater (ESR1) and marine (ESR5) environments